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About North Avenue Publishing

     Life is complicated enough without having to worry about the little things.  That's why we're here to help aspiring writers focus on the creative process while we delegate the details.  North Avenue Publishing was designed with the Windy City Writer in mind.  We feature local writers interested in publishing their works by offering full service support no matter what their needs may be.  We take our experience and shorten the learning curve to help make dreams a reality.  It's simple.  It's sensible.  It's how Windy City Writers shine.

What is a Windy City Writer?

     In 2014, Mike Matthews began a journey in experimental fiction and non-fiction, which resulted in the creation of his amazing six part series, ​The Destiny Chronicles.​  During this process, each installment was critiqued by an ever expanding focus group who saw their suggestions put into print, sharpening the final product for eventual publication and sale.  The science behind developing and maintaining a writer's focus group for their respective project is what makes North Avenue Publishing​so valuable to the creative process.

     Far too often writers rely on family and friends for feedback, which is often far from fruitful when trying to write at your best level.  Some established writers have the financial means to travel and attend writers' conferences to work closely with a group of peers.  But even that is short lived.  Having a focus group​ for your current project can be the best investment of your limited time.  Not to mention all the research devoted to the business of getting published​.  We help you from concept to cashing your first royalty check.   

About Our Founder

What is this Focus Group you speak of?

     Mike Matthews is a Chicago native passionate about the Windy City, the people, and most of all, the writers that fill its bustling streets.  He established North Avenue Publishing to provide his focus group participants exclusive access to his current original works, including those in development, and to offer other writers the same valuable access and benefits of having a focus group for their own projects.

Are you ready to shine?

     If you would like to learn more about being featured, or joining a ​Focus Group​  that is currently working with a Windy City Writer, please complete the form below. 

     Probably the most common question we are asked by prospective members, and certainly the easiest one to understand.  We consider anyone formerly from or currently living in the Chicagoland area immediately eligible for our select group of writers for one simple reason, you get it.  You know what it means to live in Chicago, including all of the wonderful attributes and dangers the Windy City possesses.  Our writers shine a light on facets of Chicago sometimes overlooked, or simply told from a fresh persepctive.  We also understand that people move away, but still hold Chicago close to their hearts, and more importantly, their subject matter.  And membership is 100% FREE for contributing writers.​​